Monday, 29 August 2011

Little Monsters - Kids' Art Work - Mask [CommaSprout] 李子話畫 - 兒童美術 - 怪獸面具

These kids are aged 7. It was their first time to attend my art class. I tought them to make their own monster mask. Aren't they indeed lovable little monsters. PICASA Web Albums

這些學生年紀約在七歲。這是我幫她們上的第一堂美術課。題目是怪獸面具。他們真是一群惹人愛的小怪獸! PICASA網路相簿

Kids' Art Work - Charcoal Sketch - Woods [CommaSprout] 李子話畫 - 兒童美術 - 炭筆畫樹林

These kids are aged 7-12. They were asked to draw elements such as: mountains, woods, shadows, gradients. I hope you enjoy their work as much as I do. For the photo of their individual work, please visit my Picasa album. PICASA Web Albums