Sunday, 15 December 2013

2013-12-14 貓臉彩繪 Cat Faces Painting - a late night fun play

Late night play (Painting cat faces)

Last night, the idea of painting cat faces popping out from one of our brains. Therefore, we found our surely overdue face paints. You may ask: How could we know? It's moldy... All of us wanted to do it so much that the mildew did not have a chance to scare us away. The paints were laid in a bin after we let their appearances meaningful. We had great fun though it was a bit late after we finished our painting and photo shooting.

Having you all around is nice!



2013-11-30 Students Outdoor Sketch 學生素描寫生 國立台灣工藝研究中 南投草屯

Two art teachers with their students who are working on their master pieces!