Saturday, 11 September 2010

Entry or Exit by Comma Sprout 出口、入口 - 李子話畫

We often make a movement to get away of the unsatisfied current situation, but often, we start feeling being trapped again after novelties become familiar. It is funny the meaning of situation is given by people. People took things differently, the worst happenings for some can be turning points for some others. Are we stepping into another trap or just out of current one for good?


Friday, 10 September 2010

Helpless by Comma Sprout 何奈-李子話畫

It's not necessary to explain ourselves to others. However, life isn't easy for most of us when there are too much noise of being misunderstood. We are often forced to give up our principles so that we can go through those difficult time in our lives.

Nonexistence of Perfection by Comma Sprout 不存在的完美-李子話畫

People chase things that were considered valuable to their lives to match others' philosophy of life but not theirs. In the end, we all need to deal the fragile parts deep inside our spirits. In the sociality of big-feet bird, a male bird with large feet is considered handsome. Therefore, many male bird tries hard to enlarge their feet to reach the standard of perfection. Sadly, there is no perfection of any physical things. The idea of chasing perfection is doom to fail from the beginning.


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Rapper Owl Pen Cap by CommaSprout-饒舌歌手貓頭鷹筆蓋-李子話畫

Here are another rapper owl pen cap and birdies Magnet! They were done few weeks ago