Sunday, 22 November 2009

Do it again in your next life? (by Comma Sprout) 李子話畫 下輩子還要再一次?





Few days ago, I re-read a famous Taiwanese author’s, Sanmao, book about her marriage life with her husband, Jose Maria Quero Y Ruiz. I’ve read this book long time ago and found it with a different flavour this time. It must be age thing. In this article, she asked Jose ‘will you marry me again if there are next lives?’ He asserted ‘NEVER’!

Many in-love ones have asked or thought about this question. There should be varied answers. It's no way to prove them with those most satisfied answers because they can only be done in next lives and the next life is also a big question mark. Jose asked got-crossed Sanmao, Didn’t you think the same? You just don’t spit it out, right? She burst out laughing.

For most things, once is enough. What is the fun if life can be duplicated? Even in the lives of current, repeated ‘good’ things can stimulate our feelings less and less. If it repeats too often, our feelings will fluctuate no more. People tend to sense those things that can only happen once strongly.

People often say, 'as once had, regret no more' (well, it’s difficult to translate this sentence from Chinese to English). It’s always easy to say it. However, when we are facing the question of let go, it’s hard to see the word of carefree. The feelings were usually spoiled after we struggle things back. It’s better to treasure the moment sincerely but not having too many excuses to complain those things that can be replaced in better ways.

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